Cast & Crew

Get to know our crew as you travel through the Vale with us weekly


Hello, welcome the humble beginnings I would like to introduce to you Ryn, our local Rogue/Bard and generally cranky small Halfing person:

Hello! My name iz Ryn Leloup and I don’t give a damn. But I still gotta be the one to make sure these dum dums to get into troubles. SO I only stick wiz them to make sure they’re ok. Also, FInn’s mom is endgame material so, you know..


Sorry about that..Ryn can be a little moody. This is Roland, our Druid friend, and the mostly like to adult.

“Greetings! Er…my name is Roland, and I defend nature, er try to.” (Roland leans in and speaks quieter) “Sometimes its hard to keep nature safe from my fellow guildies around. Is there anything I can help you do? Some questions you need answered, possibly about the local flora or fauna?”


This is Finn, he is our brains, er wizard. He cast spells and handles transportation and knowing things.

Hello! My name is Finnileas. I, uh cast spells, um I like books, uh I don’t know. I guess i’m rather unremarkable, are you sure you don’t want to talk to someone more interesting, like Basil, or maybe Rabijjan?


Well, Fin can be a little weird, so here, meet the Cleric who keeps these knuckleheads alive..Rabijjan.

“Hai! I’m Rabijjan! Rabijjan always like to help her friends and is extra happy when snacks are around! Rabijjan doesn’t like when good people are hurting and will kick butts if she sees someone being mean. If someone needs a friend, Rabijjan is always there! uh,… Rabijjan needs to go now. It looks like one of her friends is in trouble!”

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